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Power Steering Stop Leak | FAQ


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How does it work?

BlueDevil Power Steering Stop Leak is a unique plasticizer for rubber seals. BlueDevil absorbs into the seal to soften, expand & revitalize the size and flexibility to its original condition.

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How large of a leak does it repair?

BlueDevil will seal leaks in any fluid systems that are seeping or dripping.

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How much do I use?

Add 1/3rd of a bottle to the power steering reservoir.

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How long does the repair take?

Start engine and drive vehicle or equipment to let BlueDevil circulate. The repair is sealed while you drive (up to 2 days drive time).

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Do I have to change my power steering fluid after I apply BlueDevil?

NO. BlueDevil mixes with the fluid and can stay in the system.

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How long will the repair last?

BlueDevil is a permanent repair!

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Can I reapply BlueDevil?

YES. BlueDevil does not contain petroleum distillates, which can destroy seals after temporarily expanding them. It is safe to repeat treatment if other seals leak in the future.

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Can I use this in my brake system?


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